A huge THANK YOU to all my benefactors and subscribers. Without you, I couldn’t create all this photographic magic.


  • My wife, Stephanie, who doesn’t mind too much that I spend time away from home shooting, and in my office culling and processing photos, supports my hobby, and even bought me my Nikon D3300.
  • My parents, Bill & Sandy, who sent me my old Argus C3 camera that my step-grandfather gave me in high school; a camera that I thought I had lost somewhere along the way. For liking all the Facebook posts and taking me to interesting places to shoot when I visit.
  • My brother, Jimmy, who likes all my Facebook posts, helps out on shoots with behind the scenes photos and videos, holding reflectors and diffusers, and even models for me on occasion.
  • My cousin, Denise, who likes my Facebook and Instagram photos and through her own photography, reminded me how much I used to enjoy photography and inspired me to get out and shoot. Perhaps one day, we’ll go out and shoot somewhere together.

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